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Get a Rich Music Experience with Spotify++. If you love good music then you must know about Spotify. If you know about Spotify then you must also have knowledge that the paid subscription of Spotify has a good lot of features that are not available in the free version.

Spotify++ (Spotify Premium for Free)
Spotify++ (Spotify Premium for Free)

In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download Spotify++; a tweaked version of Spotify. Check out my favorite hack from Ignition Store: “Pokemon Go Hack(iSpoofer PokeGo++).

Spotify++ on iOS | Features:

One of the primary reasons for downloading Spotify++ is the fact that the tweaked version gets you premium features for free. Check out below what you can do with Spotify++.

  • Download unlimited songs to local storage.
  • You can download songs for free.
  • You are free to select the sound quality of the song that you are playing.
  • No ads are present to interrupt your music listening experience.
  • You get unlimited skips. The free version of Spotify has only a limited number of skips.

As you can infer from the above points, you get all the premium features in Spotify++. These features are available in the paid version of Spotify and Spotify++ gets you all of these for free. Please note that you do not have to jailbreak your iOS device for installing Spotify++.

How to Download Spotify++?

To download Spotify++, you require installing Ignition on your iOS device. Ignition is a third-party app store on iOS. It is free to download, install, and use Ignition and there is no such requirement of jailbreaking your iOS device with this amazing third-party iOS installer.

The following are the steps to download Spotify++ on iOS from Ignition.

Install Spotify++ on Ignition from iOS [iPhone/iPad]

  • Please install the Ignition on your iOS device. If you are unaware of the steps to install Ignition check out the same from here.


  • Do not forget to trust the profile of Ignition after a successful installation.
  • Next, please launch Ignition and an interface almost similar to the Apple Store will greet you.
  • Please search for ‘Spotify++’ in the store.
    Spotify++ Download on iOS
    Spotify++ Download on iOS
  • Tap on the appropriate search result to move to the application information screen.
    Spotify Premium For Free on iOS
    Spotify Premium For Free on iOS
  • Tap on ‘Install’ to start the download and installation process. Hit ‘Install’ again on the pop-up that comes up next.
    Install Spotify Plus on iOS
    Install Spotify Plus on iOS
  • Monitor the installation progress from the home screen of your iOS device.
  • Once the installation is successful, make sure you trust the profile of Spotify++.
  • Next, launch Spotify++ and start streaming your favorite tracks.

Spotify++ on iOS | FAQs:

Q - Why do I get Unable to Download Spotify++ app issue?

If the Spotify++ certificate got revoked by Apple then you cannot install the Spotify++ app. So you have to wait until the developer releases the new certificate.

Q - What are the latest features of the Spotify++ iOS app?

With the Spotify++ app, you can stream unlimited music without ads. Spotify++ provides you audio with better quality than the original version.

Q - How to avoid the Spotify ban for using Spotify++?

Recently Spotify has banned user accounts those installed Spotify++ to get free unlimited music without paying for the premium version. To avoid the banned download and install the latest version of the Spotify++ app on your iOS device.

Q - Is Spotify++ free for iOS?

Spotify++ app is completely free to download and install on your iOS device. You need not pay to listen to the music of high quality. It is completely safe to install on your personal iOS device.

Best Alternatives for Spotify++

Spotify++ has been ruling millions of hearts since forever. It has various features that attracted users from all across the world. Spotify has over 161 million users with 65 paid users. Nothing is perfect in this world; everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. The same applies to Spotify as well. This application is also not flawless, however, to help you all get to know about other music apps, we are here with the Best 5 Alternatives of Spotify on iOS.

  • Apple Music: This is one of the best alternatives to Spotify for iOS users. The name itself suggests that it is made for iOS users. It has a huge space for over 65 million music and tracks. This application is very closely related to Google play music. It also comes with an option of playing on-demand content and radio station.
  • Qobuz: This application has over 60 million of music. It provides its users with the option of purchasing music and then allowing the users to play offline too.
  • Plex: This is the best option for people who love their music. This application is used by people to have the ability to play their music. One aspect of this app is that it does not have a streaming service up for the users, however, you can have your customized streaming service.
  • YouTube Music: We all know that people always turn up to YouTube for searching for all their music and songs. This has been a widely used app for ages.
  • SoundCloud: This too is made for the people who are really into artists from all backgrounds. This application provides a huge collection of music and tracks. If you are one of the people, who’s into a podcast, this app would be a suitable fit for you.

People always find it hard to download music as it takes up GB plus storage. The best way to be in touch with your music is to download an application. Coming to application, you are always free to use different apps which are mentioned above and choose the best for your needs.

Pros of Spotify

  • Unlimited streaming of 35 million tracks.
  • Compatible with almost all possible platforms on earth.
  • User-friendly User Interface
  • 30 days of the free trial also available.
  • Offline mode is available to listen to music when we don’t have any internet.

Cons of Spotify

  • Some songs have ads in them.
  • Only Europe version has a Rdio facility.
  • An alternative mail option for sign up is not available.

Check Out:

Final Words – Spotify++ on iOS from Ignition

These are the simple steps to download Spotify++ from Ignition on iOS. For any kind of questions, please utilize the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

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