FaceBook++ iOS Download [iPhone/iPad] – [2022 MOD]

Even though loved by millions of users, the widely used social media application, Facebook, has its drawbacks. Like other applications, there are many possible restrictions for users from time to time.

FaceBook++ iOS Download on iPhone/iPad

To conquer this restriction, third-party application developers have toned the Facebook application. The new version without any limitation is called Facebook++. The best benefit of using Facebook++ is overcoming the restrictions put upon us through leading developers. Check Out: Spotify++ iOS Download.


 Facebook++ on iOS – Features

You may wonder about the significant differences in features between Facebook and Facebook++.  Let’s have a glance at it anyway:

  • The limitation of sending six photos through messages is removed.
  • In order to save your phone’s battery, you can manually disable the VoIP feature.
  • You can set a passcode for your Facebook application or even activate TouchID.
  • Easily disable video auto-play.
  • You can optimize the top bar by adding ‘Friend requests,’ ‘Chat or Messages,’ and ‘Regular notifications and updates.’
  • Enhance settings and enable premium features like Graph Search.
  • Allows you to download videos in your device’s local storage.
  • If you are tired of seeing the popular posts (suggested post), Facebook++ allows you to enable the ‘newsfeed’ feature.
App NameFacebook++
Latest Versionv23.7
CategoryTweaked Apps
Size44 MB

We know the above-mentioned features are amazing, right? That is just the beginning of the list of features that are available on Facebook++. To learn more and be amazed with the features, follow the below steps.

Install Facebook++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad] using Ignition

In order to install Facebook++ on iPhone/iPad, you have to install the Ignition application on your iOS. Ignition app is free to download and allows you to access mode applications without Jailbreaking your iOS device.

To begin with, follow the below steps carefully:

  • To begin with, you need to install the Ignition application on your iOS device.


  • Please turn on the trust the profile option for your Ignition application after installing it.
  • It’s time to launch the ignition app. After launching, a similar interface of like Apple Store will appear.
  • Search for the Facebook++ option in the ignition app.


  • Turn on the appropriate search result so that the information screen goes up.
  • Now you will find the Facebook++ application on top.
  • Click on ‘Get.’
  • You will be prompted to install the application, tap on ‘install.’

Install Facebook++

  • The next step is to wait for the application to get installed.
  • After the application is installed, turn on the trust the profile option for the ‘Facebook++’ app’ that we just installed

Now, open the application and have a hassle and restriction-free experience with Facebook.

The above steps will allow you to install Facebook++ on iOS through the easiest mode.

How To Uninstall Facebook++ on iOS?

  • Unlock and go to Home Screen.
  • Slide and go to the app deck.
  • From there, select Social Media.
  • You will be able to see Facebook++ icon.
  • Click and hold to the same.
  • A pop up will come asking to uninstall or not.
  • Click on remove the app and it will get uninstalled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why do I get the Unable to Download Facebook++ issue?

This problem arises if Apple revokes the Facebook++ certificate. In order to use Facebook++ again, you have to wait for them to re-issue the certificate.

Q - What are the latest features of Facebook++ on iOS?

Facebook++ has great updates on its messaging section. People can easily access chats through the Facebook++ applications along with chat heads

Q - Can Facebook ban users from using Facebook++?

We haven’t gone through any such case that intimated people about the restriction of using Facebook++ unofficially. Whereas be on the safe side and using the important features with proper care is more important.

Q - Is Facebook++ free for iOS?

: Facebook++ is completely free for iOS users. The iOS users can easily install Facebook++ through the ignition app without any struggle.

Q - Is there a Facebook++ in iOS devices?

Yes, there is a Facebook++ available in iOS. You can easily install it through the ignition app.

Q - Can I use both Facebook and Facebook++ on the same device?

Even though the device may allow you to use Facebook and Facebook++ on the same device, we do not recommend it. As chances of getting banned from your account are high.

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Final Words – Facebook++ on iOS [MODDED]

We hope our article has helped to install the Facebook++ application without any hassle. We would love to solve all your queries in the comment sections.

Make sure to use Facebook++ application and explore its features. We know no one likes restrictions, and the approach to launch Facebook++ that removes major restrictions in the application is bliss. Do comment your thoughts on the mode Facebook version.

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