Delta Emulator – Download and Install on your iOS [iPhone/iPad]

Delta Emulator is a game emulator for iOS that offers a wide range of retro and classic games like Pokemon, Super Mario, etc. You can download them for free and enjoy gaming. It has a great collection of games from old to new. Since it is a third-party app, we use Ignition App to download it.

Delta Emulator on iOS

Ignition App for iOS is an app store alternative that gives third-party apps without jailbreak. Check out the installation method given in this article to download Delta Emulator on iOS using the Ignition App. Premium Music for Free: Spotify++ (Premium Music for Free) on iOS.


Delta Emulator on iOS | Features:

The latest Delta Emulator gives you everything to take gaming to the next level. There are many features in the app that you may find interesting.

  • It has the largest game library with retro games from over 18 game consoles.
  • You can download the ROM files from the app and install the games.
  • Games are available in the highest graphic quality.
  • It has iCloud Sync support to access games from other device platforms.
  • Game controls are easily customizable.
App NameDelta Emulator
License TypeFree
Jailbreak Required ?No
License TypeFree
Type of AppsGames

You can enjoy hundreds of games from your childhood by downloading Delta Emulator on iOS. Check out the awesome database. Also, check out: Minecraft Pocket Edition(PE) Download on iOS.

Download & Install Delta Emulator on iOS – [STEPS]

Delta Emulator for iOS gives you free access to a huge database of games. You can now download Delta Emulator on iDevices without jailbreak using Ignition App. It is an app installer to give you third-party apps for free. Follow the steps below to download it.

  • From the Safari browser, open the prescribed link.

   Download Ignition App

  • From the page that opens up, click on Install and download Ignition App.
  • Upon download, go to Settings and tap on the Profile & Device Management option to Trust Ignition profile.
  • Open the Ignition App and find Delta Emulator.


  • Hit the Install button next to the app and download it.


  • Take the Settings, go to the Profile & Device Management option and Trust Delta Emulator.

Now, you can launch Delta Emulator on iOS and explore the gaming world it offers.

How to Use Delta Emulator On iOS

Delta Emulator for iOS is the best game emulator even. It has a simple and clean user interface.

  1. Open Delta Emulator to see the database.
  2. On the search bar, type and find the game you want.
  3. Download the ROM file by clicking the source and install the game to play.
  4. You can Save States of games from the Game Menu and tapping on Plus icon from the Save State option.

Delta Emulator on iOS | FAQs

Q - Is Delta Emulator for iOS free?

Yes, Delta Emulator on iOS can be accessed for free.

Q - What is Delta Emulator?

Delta Emulator is a third-party game emulator that has a database filled with games from different game consoles to download.

Q - How to enable Cloud Syncing in Delta Emulator?

Go to Delta Emulator Settings, open the Cloud Syncing option and turn it on.

Q - Is Delta Emulator safe to download?

Yes, there are no errors in Delta Emulator for iOS and doesn’t require a jailbreak.

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Delta Emulator Free Download on iOS – Ignition App

You can now enjoy all your favorite retro games on iOS using Delta Emulator. The app is simple and easy to use. It offers a faster and safer download of games.

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